Parameters influencing the dissolved oxygen in the ...



Title Parameters influencing the dissolved oxygen in the boundary layer of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) embryos and larvae
Author(s) Cosima S. Ciuhandu, Patricia A. Wright, Jeffrey I. Goldberg, E. Don Stevens
Journal Journal of Experimental Biology
Date 2007
Volume 210
Issue 8
Start page 1435
End page 1445
Abstract We investigated the influence of oxygen demand (developmental stage) and supply (hypoxia, water flow rate, the chorion and body movements) on the oxygen concentration within the boundary layer next to the chorion of embryos or skin of larvae of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Oxygen microelectrodes were used to measure dissolved oxygen (DO) within the boundary layer of trout embryos and larvae. As the embryos and larvae developed, the DO gradient and the thickness of the boundary layer increased. The DO concentration within the boundary layer next to the chorion or skin surface decreased as the DO concentration in the free-stream water decreased. A decrease in water flow rate increased the magnitude of the gradient and thickness of the boundary layer. In normoxia, the DO in the perivitelline fluid inside the chorion was 16 +/- 3.0% saturation at 31 days post fertilization, indicating that the chorion was a significant barrier to oxygen diffusion. The number of body movements did not change when embryos were exposed to hypoxia before hatching, but after hatching, hypoxia resulted in a decrease in body movements of the larvae. Taken together, our data indicate that the oxygen boundary layer around trout embryos and larvae depends on both the oxygen demand and supply. The factors that significantly impacted boundary layer oxygen were developmental stage, free-stream oxygen levels, water flow rate, and the presence of the chorion.
DOI 10.1242/jeb.02754
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