Heat transfer between fish and ambient water



Title Heat transfer between fish and ambient water
Author(s) E. D. Stevens, A. M. Sutterlin
Journal The Journal of Experimental Biology
Date 1976
Volume 65
Issue 1
Start page 131
End page 145
Abstract 1. The ability of fish gills to transfer heat was measured by applying a heat pulse to blood in the ventral aorta and measuring it before and after passing through the gills of a teleost, Hemitripterus americanus. 2. 80-90% of heat contained in the blood is lost during passage through the gills. 3. The fraction of heat not lost during passage through the gills is due to direct transfer of heat between the afferent and efferent artery within the gill bar. 4. The major fraction of metabolic heat (70 - 90%) is lost through the body wall and fins of the sea raven in sea water at 5 degrees C; the remainder is lost through the gills.
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