Handling of sheep at markets and the incidence of ...



Title Handling of sheep at markets and the incidence of bruising
Author(s) A. M. Jarvis, M. S. Cockram
Journal Veterinary Record
Date 1995
Volume 136
Issue 23
Start page 582
End page 585
Abstract Most sheep sent for slaughter in the United Kingdom are sold through livestock markets. This study counted the potentially bruising events at 2 markets handling 12 119 sheep from 549 groups and recorded the bruises on carcases of sheep from these markets. There were 1324 and 744 potentially bruising events per 1000 sheep at markets A and B, respectively. The unloading of 1501 sheep in 40 groups and the pre-slaughter handling of 1085 sheep in 60 groups were observed at the commercial slaughter house where the bruises were recorded. The number of potentially bruising events at the slaughter-house was 694 per 1000 sheep. The bruising on the carcases of 58 groups of sheep from market A and 29 groups from market B, and of 30 groups of sheep sent to slaughter direct from farms was assessed. The sheep from market A had 581 bruises per 1000 sheep, those from market B had 377 per 1000 sheep, and the sheep sent direct from farms had 399 bruises per 1000 sheep. There were some differences in the distribution of the bruises on the carcases from the 3 sources, but no significant differences between the total numbers of bruises.

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