Cyclic Aryl Ethers, Thioethers and Amines, and ...



Title Cyclic Aryl Ethers, Thioethers and Amines, and Method for Preparation
Author(s) Alaa S. Abd-El Aziz, Christine R. De Denus, Leslie J. May
Date 2000
Abstract Cyclic aryl ethers, thioethers or amines, and methods for synthesis are
disclosed. These cyclic aryl compounds are synthesized by combining a first
dinucleophile with a substituted benzene metallized electron-withdrawing
having halo or nitro substituent groups, to form a linear bimetallized aryl
compound. The linear bimetallized aryl compound is then reacted with a second
dinucleophile to form a cyclic bimetallized aryl compound. The metallized
electron-withdrawing moieties are then removed from said cyclic bimetallized
compound by photolytic demetallation to form a cyclic aryl compound having the


X1 and X3 are the same or different and each is a alkyl, heteroalkyl,
heterocyclic or aromatic group having up to 6 conjugated rings, optionally
X2 is benzene
n1 and n3 are the same or different and each is O, S or N; and
n4 is H or lower alkyl.

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