Overview of organoiron polymers.



Section title Overview of organoiron polymers.
Section author(s) Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz
Book title Macromolecules containing metal and metal-like elements. V.2
Book editor(s) A. S. Abd-El-Aziz, C. E. Jr Carraher, C. U., Jr. Pittman, J. Sheats, M. Zeldin
Start page 1
End page 27
Date 2004
Abstract A review presents all classes of macromols. contg. iron-carbon bonds and highlights some examples of these materials. Ferrocene-based polymer, polymers contg. cyclopentadienyliron complexed arenes or iron carbonyl complexes, iron polyynes, and polymer with Fe-Fe bond are discussed. The methods utilized to synthesize and characterize these polymers are described and the properties of some of the organoiron-based polymers are noted. The diversity found in the area of organoiron polymer chem. is also discussed.

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