Innovative approach to the synthesis of sulfides and ...



Title Innovative approach to the synthesis of sulfides and their corresponding sulfones.
Author(s) Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Karen M. Epp, Yun Lei, Steven Kotowich
Journal Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses, Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses
Date 1995
Issue 5
Start page 182
End page 183
Abstract Nucleophilic arom. substitution (SnAr) of cyclopentadienyliron-arene complexes with various aliph. or arom. dithiols followed by oxidn. and/or photolysis is presented as a viable route to the prepn. of the corresponding bis(sulfides) and bis(sulfones) in yields of 70-96%. The photochem. reaction of iron complexes I (R = H, alkyl, etc.; X = O, S; Cp = cyclopentadienyl) gave the sulfides II (same R, X).
DOI 10.1002/chin.199542107

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