Organometallic and conjugated organic polymers held ...



Title Organometallic and conjugated organic polymers held together by strong electrostatic interactions to form luminescent hybrid materials.
Author(s) Diana Bellows, Emilie Gingras, Shawkat M. Aly, Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Mario Leclerc, Pierre D. Harvey
Journal Inorganic chemistry,
Date 2008
Volume 47
Issue 24
Start page 11720
End page 11733
Abstract The organometallic polymers ([Ag(dmb)(2)]BF(4))(n) (dmb = 1,8-diisocyano-p-menthane) and ([Pt(2)(dppm)(2)(CNC(6)Me(4)NC)](BF(4))(2))(n) (dppm = (Ph(2)P)(2)CH(2), CNC(6)Me(4)NC = 1,4-diisocyano-tetramethylbenzene) were reacted with the conjugated organic polymers of the type (-Cz-C(6)H(4)-)(n) and (-Cz-)(n), where Cz is a 2,7-linked carbazole unit substituted by (CH(2))(3)SO(3)Na or (CH(2))(4)SO(3)Na pendant groups at the N- position, to form polycation/polyanion hybrid materials. These rather insoluble and amorphous (X-ray diffraction) materials were characterized by (1)H and (13)C NMR MAS (magic angle spinning), solid-state IR, and Raman spectroscopy as well as chemical analyses. The hybrids exhibit fluorescence and phosphorescence arising from the polycarbazole units where evidence for a heavy atom effect is provided (Na < Ag < Pt) from the relative enhanced phosphorescence intensity, as well as triplet-triplet energy transfers from the ([Ag(dmb)(2)](+))(n) to the polycarbazole and from the polycarbazole to the ([Pt(2)(dppm)(2)(CNC(6)Me(4)NC)](2+))(n) unit. Evidence for energy transfer in these polymeric materials is provided from time-resolved emission spectroscopy, where the emission band associated with the ([Ag(dmb)(2)](+))(n) is found to be quenched where both the relative intensity and emission lifetime exhibit a large decrease (microsecond to nanosecond time scale).
DOI 10.1021/ic801461j
PubMed ID 19007160

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