Polymers with metal-metal bonds along their backbones.



Paper title Polymers with metal-metal bonds along their backbones.
Paper author(s) David R. Tyler
Proceedings title Section Title: Chemistry of Synthetic High Polymers
Date 2007
Abstract A review. This chapter discusses the synthesis, structures, selected properties, and uses of polymers that have metal-metal bonds incorporated into their backbone chains. These materials are of interest for a no. of reasons. The primary reason is the promise of new and unusual properties. In particular, as the sections below detail, there is reason to believe that these polymers may have interesting cond., nonlinear optical, magnetic, liq. cryst., and catalytic properties. A second reason for the interest is that these polymers may be useful precursors for other materials. For example, there have been various studies aimed at degrading these materials for the purpose of forming nanoparticles from the metals in the polymer backbone. Other reasons for the interest in these polymers are more specific, but no less important. For example, one of the following sections details how polymers with metal-metal bonds were used as model polymers to study the photochem. degrdn. processes in regular polymers. And finally, many of the polymers discussed here were synthesized because they have unusually interesting and beautiful structures. [on SciFinder(R)]

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