Complete sequencing of Tunisian redspotted grouper ...



Title Complete sequencing of Tunisian redspotted grouper nervous necrosis virus betanodavirus capsid gene and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene
Author(s) N. Cherif, N. Gagne, D. Groman, F. Kibenge, T. Iwamoto, C. Yason, S. Hammami
Journal Journal of Fish Diseases
Date 2010
Volume 33
Issue 3
Start page 231
End page 240
Abstract Finfish nodaviruses (betanodaviruses) can cause highly destructive infections in numerous species of farmed marine fish larvae and juveniles worldwide. The betanodavirus genome consists of two single-stranded positive-sense RNA molecules (RNA1 and RNA2). The virus can be classified into four genotypes based on the partial sequences of the coat protein (CP) gene (T2 and T4 regions). Currently, genomic sequence information for RNA1 regions of RNA2 outside of T2 and T4 is less well documented. This study reports on the characterization of the full RNA2 sequence of a Tunisian betanodavirus with a length of 1433 nt, containing a 339 amino acid open-reading frame encoding the CP, and typing to the redspotted grouper nervous necrosis virus Ia genotype following phylogenetic analysis. The homology of the capsid protein to other betanodaviruses or alphanodaviruses was compared. In addition, a full length RNA1 sequence of 3104 nt encoding a 982 amino acid RNA-dependent RNA polymerase was obtained.

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