A strategic review of hospital foundations across Canada



Title A strategic review of hospital foundations across Canada
Author(s) Barbara Dunphy-Gotell
Date 2012
Institution University of Prince Edward Island
Supervisor(s) Gary Evans
Degree earned Master of Business Administration
Place published Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Abstract Hospital foundations, established to raise funds for medical equipment for their parent hospitals or health care institutions, are being challenged by changes in governance by their parent hospitals or health care institutions. The governance model for most hospitals across Canada has changed dramatically over the past fifteen years. They no longer have hospital boards but report directly to a regional, provincial board, or an authority with a broader mandate beyond one institution. This has changed the independence and authority held by the institutions and presented challenges for hospital foundations. The hospital or health care institution no longer holds the authority, or budget. This research examines the roles of hospital foundations boards across Canada and how hospital foundations are functioning in this new era of healthcare. The study's findings revealed that foundation boards and their Senior Development Officers are being forced into new roles such as advocacy and taking the place of hospital boards in filling the void left by the absence of hospital boards. The findings identified themes, including engagement, culture of philanthropy, power dimension, and board representation. The findings suggest that because of their unique relationship with their institution in this new era of healthcare, hospital foundations must look at their governance model and evaluate themselves to determine if their roles need to change.
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