Applying knowledge to generate action



Title Applying knowledge to generate action: a community-based knowledge translation framework
Author(s) B. Campbell
Journal The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
Date 2010
Volume 30
Issue 1
Start page 65
End page 71
Abstract INTRODUCTION: Practical strategies are needed to translate research knowledge between researchers and users into action. For effective translation to occur, researchers and users should partner during the research process, recognizing the impact that knowledge, when translated into practice, will have on those most affected by that research. METHOD: Participatory action research (PAR) was used to generate a rural community's knowledge of their children's health. The Ottawa Model of Research Use (OMRU), a knowledge translation framework, was used to guide the translation of that generative knowledge into action, and the more current knowledge-to-action (KTA) conceptual framework provided the rationale for the graphical depiction of engagement of a rural community in knowledge translation. RESULTS: The definitions, perspectives, best practices, and existing frameworks of knowledge translation are outlined. The foundational underpinnings and elements of PAR, the OMRU, and KTA are linked to form a conceptual framework for knowledge translation in a rural community context. Select strategies noted in OMRU to translate existing knowledge informed aspects of PAR to generate an action. DISCUSSION: Diverse yet complementary approaches could be used by health professionals to advance the theory, method, and research of knowledge translation and exchange, regardless of context. Knowledge needs to be relevant, appropriate, applicable, timely, and reasonable to influence change.
DOI 10.1002/chp.20058
PubMed ID 20222041

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