Development of a novel method of lytic phage ...



Title Development of a novel method of lytic phage delivery by use of a bacteriophage P22 site-specific recombination system
Author(s) R. Platt, D. L. Reynolds, G. J. Phillips
Journal FEMS Microbiology Letters
Date 2003
Volume 223
Issue 2
Start page 259
End page 265
Abstract Bacteriophage therapy represents a potential alternative to the use of antibiotics to control proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. As an alternative to the strategy where a limited number of doses of large numbers of lytic bacteriophages are administered, a novel method delivery system was developed so that phages are continually released into the culture. Specifically, a non-pathogenic Escherichia coli strain was constructed that was lysogenic for a lytic mutant of bacteriophage lambda. This lysogen was shown to be effective at decreasing the number of lambda-sensitive E. coli in vitro. Construction of this E. coli strain was accomplished by development of a plasmid-based system utilizing the site-specific recombination machinery of bacteriophage P22 to integrate DNA constructs into the host chromosome. This recombination system is useful for strain construction and other genetic manipulations in both E. coli and Salmonella enterica serovars.

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