A survey of enteric viruses of turkey poults



Title A survey of enteric viruses of turkey poults
Author(s) D. L. Reynolds, Y. M. Saif, K. W. Theil
Journal Avian Diseases
Date 1987
Volume 31
Issue 1
Start page 89
End page 98
Abstract Intestinal samples from 91 turkey flocks between 1 day and 5 weeks of age were examined for enteric viruses by electron microscopy and electropherotyping. These flocks originated from eight operations in six states. Individual flocks were sampled only once. At the time of sampling, 31 flocks were considered normal/healthy and 60 were considered to have enteric disease. The most frequently identified viruses from diseased flocks were astroviruses (78%) and rotavirus-like viruses (RVLVs) (67%). Far less frequent were rotaviruses (22%), atypical rotaviruses (12%), enteroviruses (5%), and reoviruses (2%). Only 10% of samples from diseased flocks were negative, but 48% of samples from normal/healthy flocks were negative. Astroviruses and RVLVs were far less frequent in normal/healthy flocks than in diseased flocks, but rotaviruses were identified slightly more often. No viruses were isolated from flocks sampled within the first few days of life. Astrovirus infections seemed to occur at an earlier age than other virus infections. Seldom was only one type of virus identified. Astrovirus + RVLV was the most frequently identified combination in diseased flocks. No Salmonella or Arizona was found.

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