Astrovirus infection in hatchling turkeys: ...



Title Astrovirus infection in hatchling turkeys: histologic, morphometric, and ultrastructural findings
Author(s) M. L. Thouvenelle, J. S. Haynes, D. L. Reynolds
Journal Avian Diseases
Date 1995
Volume 39
Issue 2
Start page 328
End page 336
Abstract In 3 experiments, 2- or 5-day-old commercial turkey poults were inoculated orally with astrovirus and examined for clinical signs and for gross and microscopic lesions for 14 days. By day 2 after inoculation (PI), inoculated poults had developed diarrhoea, generalized loss of intestinal tone, and dilated caeca that contained light-yellow fluid and gas; these changes persisted until day 10 PI. Mild crypt hyperplasia was the only change seen by light microscopy, and it was first noted in the proximal jejunum on day 1 PI, in the distal jejunum and ileum on day 3 PI, and in the duodenum on day 5 PI. A significant increase in crypt depth and area was detected by image analysis on day 3 PI. Electron microscopy identified intracytoplasmic aggregates of astrovirus in enterocytes on the sides and base of villi in the ileum and distal jejunum on day 3 PI. It was concluded that astrovirus caused lesions and replicated in both upper and lower segments of the small intestine in turkey poults.

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