Diterpenes from Gorgonian corals



Title Diterpenes from Gorgonian corals
Author(s) Fabrice Berrue, Russell G. Kerr,
Journal Natural Product Reports
Date 2009
Volume 26
Issue 5
Start page 681
End page 710
Abstract Gorgonian corals continue to provide a wealth of novel structures, many of which exhibit potentially useful biological activity. Notably, the families Briareidae, Gorgoniidae and Plexauridae have been demonstrated to contain a wide variety of natural products including steroids, acetogenins, sesquiterpenes and diterpenes. The most common of the gorgonian natural products are the diterpenes, and the intent of this review is to describe such compounds isolated from gorgonian corals, with a focus on the structures of new compounds as well as their biological activity. There have been developments improving our understanding of the biosynthetic origin of selected diterpenes, and these will also be discussed. This review describes 602 new compounds from 177 articles.
DOI 10.1039/b821918b
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