The correlation between development of atypical ...



Title The correlation between development of atypical bisexual flowers and phylogeny in the Aroideae (Araceae)
Author(s) D. Barabe, A. Bruneau, F. Forest, C. Lacroix
Journal Plant Systematics and Evolution
Date 2002
Volume 232
Issue 1-2
Start page 1
End page 19
Abstract In the intermediate zone of the inflorescence of genera of Aroideae one can find flowers with male and female characteristics. Until now, two types of developmental sequences of atypical bisexual flowers (ABFs) have been recognized: the Philodendron type and the Cercestis type. In the Philodendron type, bisexual flowers generally consist of functional carpels and staminodes inserted on the same whorl. In the Cercestis type, the gynoecium and stamens are inserted on two different whorls. These different ontogenetic patterns represent two different pathways in the evolution of unisexual flowers in this subfamily. A molecular phylogenetic analysis of 33 genera of Araceae, based on the chloroplast trnL intron and trnL-F intergenic spacer sequences was carried out. We use this phylogenetic analysis and those published by French et al. (1995) and Mayo et al. (1997) to examine the distribution of the two types of ABFs in selected genera. Our results suggest that the two developmental patterns of ABFs in Aroideae sensu Mayo et al. (1997) do not correspond to two separate evolutionary lineages but rather are more or less consistent within clades. Although this new molecular phylogeny does not include all aroid genera, it corroborates in general, at the subfamily level, the molecular analysis of French et al. (1995) based on chloroplast DNA restriction site data and the analysis of Mayo et al. (1997) based on morphological and anatomical data.
DOI 10.1007/s006060200023

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