Homeosis, morphogenetic gradient and the ...



Title Homeosis, morphogenetic gradient and the determination of floral identity in the inflorescences of Philodendron solimoesense (Araceae)
Author(s) Denis Barabe, Christian Lacroix
Journal Plant Systematics and Evolution
Date 1999
Volume 219
Issue 3-4
Start page 243
End page 261
Abstract A comparative developmental study of the inflorescence of Philodendron solimoesense was conducted using scanning electron microscopy. The spadix of P. solimoesense is characterized by unisexual flowers. Staminate flowers are initiated on the upper portion of the spadix while pistillate flowers develop on the lower portion of the spadix. An intermediate zone located between the upper male and lower female portion of the inflorescence consists of sterile male flowers. Within this intermediate zone a row of flowers exhibit polarity with respect to the identity of sexual organs. Stamens are initiated on the flank of the floral meristem facing the upper male zone and carpels are initiated on the portion of the floral meristem facing the lower female zone. The resulting flowers therefore assume a bisexual identity. At the level of the inflorescence, all floral buds are initiated along a series of contact parastichies and the continuity of these parastichies is not disrupted at any level in the male, intermediate, and female zones on the spadix. Results from this study support the presence of a morphogenetic gradient acting at the level of the inflorescence and appears to be independent of the boundaries of floral primordia.
DOI 10.1007/BF00985582

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