Predictors of early parenting self-efficacy



Title Predictors of early parenting self-efficacy: results of a prospective cohort study
Author(s) J. Bryanton, A. J. Gagnon, M. Hatem, C. Johnston
Journal Nursing Research
Date 2008
Volume 57
Issue 4
Start page 252
End page 259
Abstract Background: Parenting self-efficacy has been identified as one determinant of positive parenting. The literature is inconsistent regarding the predictors of parenting self-efficacy, and there is limited evidence regarding these predictors in the early postpartum period. Objectives: To determine the factors predictive of parenting self-efficacy at 12 to 48 hr after childbirth and at 1 month postpartum. Method: Six-hundred fifty-two women were recruited consecutively from the postpartum units of two general hospitals on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Data were collected at 12 to 48 hr postpartum using self-report and chart review. On the basis of scoring positive or negative on their childbirth perceptions, 175 of these mothers were assigned to two cohorts. They were visited at home at 1 month postpartum, where data were collected using self-report. Results: Using multiple logistic regression, greater parenting self-efficacy at 12 to 48 hr after childbirth was predicted by multiparity and single marital status and correlated with positive perception of the birth experience, higher general self-efficacy, and excellent partner relationship. Greater parenting self-efficacy at 1 month was predicted by age <=30 years and multiparity and correlated with excellent partner relationship and maternal perception of infant contentment. Discussion: Birth perception is a correlate of parenting self-efficacy that is modifiable; therefore, nurses have an opportunity to strive to create a positive birth experience for all women to enhance their early parenting self-efficacy. Nurses can also consider assessing women at risk for suboptimal parenting self-efficacy and intervene through teaching, support, and parenting self-efficacy boosting interventions.
DOI 10.1097/

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