The Klein-Gordon equation with the Kratzer potential ...



Title The Klein-Gordon equation with the Kratzer potential in D-dimensions
Author(s) Nasser Saad, Richard Hall, Hakan Ciftci
Journal Central European Journal of Physics
Date 2008
Volume 6
Issue 3
Start page 717
End page 729
Abstract We apply the Asymptotic Iteration Method to obtain the bound-state energy spectrum for the d-dimensional Klein-Gordon equation with scalar S(r) and vector potentials V(r). When S(r) and V(r) are both Coulombic, we obtain all the exact solutions; when the potentials are both of Kratzer type, we obtain all the exact solutions for S(r) = V(r); if S(r) > V(r) we obtain exact solutions under certain constraints on the potential parameters: in this case, a possible general solution is found in terms of a monic polynomial, whose coefficients form a set of elementary symmetric polynomials.
DOI 10.2478/s11534-008-0022-4

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