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An Assessment of the Utility of Formalized Palliative Care EducationWilliams, Allison; Montelpare, William; Wilson, Susan; Cheng, Sara; Tremelling, Karen; Wells, Christine
Influence of exercise and of lifestyle education upon attitudes to exercise of older peopleShephard, R.J.; Montelpare, W.; Berridge, M. ; Flowers, J.
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Central and peripheral limits to exercise...and exercise scienceBurr, Jamie
Fat loss during moderate exercise in cold environments in relation to fitness levelMurray, S.J. ; Shephard, R.J. ; Montelpare, W.J.; Goode, R.C.
The Future of the Regional Training Centres: Planning for SustainabilityMontelpare, William ; Biden, Edmund ; Lee, Pat ; Sheps, Sam ; Dubois, Carl-Ardy ; Brault, Isabelle
The effects of exercise induced blood acidity on the albuminuria responses of trained male athletesMontelpare, W.J.; ,
Physiological fitness and health adaptations from purposeful training using off-road vehiclesBurr, J. F. ; Jamnik, V. K. ; Gledhill, N.
Postnatal Deficiencies of Zinc and Taurine Alter Electroretinograms, Oscillatory Potentials and Morphology of the Rat RetinaPaterson, Phyllis G.; Grahn, Bruce H. ; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T. ; Gorecki, Dennis K. J.; Semple, Hugh A.
Establishing the Test–Retest Reliability & Concurrent Validity for the Repeat Ice Skating Test (RIST) in Adolescent Male Ice Hockey PlayersPower, Allan; Faught, Brent E. ; Przysucha, Eryk ; McPherson, Moira ; Montelpare, William
L’activité physique dans les cas de diabète de type 1Burr, Jamie F.; Shephard, Roy J. ; Riddell, Michael C.
Managing information technology in secondary schoolsMontelpare, W.J.; McPherson, M.N.
Comparing the Finapres and Caretaker Systems for Measuring Pulse Transit Time Before and After Exercise Phillips, A. A. ; Burr, J. ; Cote , A. T. ; Foulds, H.J. A. ; Charlesworth, S. ; Bredin, S.S. D. ; Warburton, D.E. R.
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Introduction to the play it cool safe hockey programMontelpare, William ; McPherson, Moira ; Sutherland, Malcolm ; Faught, Brent E. ; Baker, Joseph ; Keightley, Michelle ; Corey, Paul ; MacPherson, Alison ; Taha, Tim
Overall intake of energy and key nutrientsTiidus, P.; Shephard, R.J. ; Montelpare, W.
Relationships between adolescent recreation/leisure behaviours and substance useMontelpare, William J. ; Yardley, John K.; Kanter, Michael A.
Social CapitalAbdulahad, Raika ; Graham, John R. ; Montelpare, William J. ; Brownlee, Keith
Ice hockeyWilliam J., Montelpare; Pelletier, R.L. ; Stark, R.M.
Depression of the electroretinogram in rats deficient in zinc and taurine during prenatal and postnatal lifeGottschall-Pass, Katherine T. ; Grahn, Bruce H. ; Gorecki, Dennis K.J.; Semple, Hugh A. ; Paterson, Phyllis G.
Exercise compliance of elderly volunteersShephard, R.J.; Berridge, M. ; Montelpare, W. ; Daniel, J.V. ; Flowers, J.F.
The Impact of Infant Feeding Method on Neonatal Abstinence Scores of Methadone-Exposed Infants McQueen, Karen A. ; Murphy-Oikonen, Jodie ; Gerlach, Keri ; Montelpare, William
The experiences of NICU nurses in caring for infants with neonatal abstinence syndromeMurphy-Oikonen, Jodie ; Brownlee, Keith ; Montelpare, William ; Gerlach, Keri
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Enabling Healthy Leisure Lives ThroughKanters, Michael A. ; Montelpare, William J. ; Carter, Marcia
Data processing across the internetMontelpare, William J.; McPherson, Moira N.
Physiological relevance and health cost benefits. Reply Burr , J. F. ; Jamnik, V. K. ; Gledhill, N.
Effect of taurine deficiency on tissue taurine concentrations and pregnancy outcome in the ratGottschall-Pass, K.T.; Gorecki, D.K.J.; Paterson, P.G.
Development of a computing utility to measure time-on-task in injury research studiesMontelpare, William J ; Baker, Joseph ; Faught, Brent E ; MacKay, Morag ; Lavoie, Norm ; Nystrom, Murray
Wizards Of Motion: Promoting Science, Engineering and Technology in The SchoolsMcPherson, Moira ; Zerpa, Carlos ; Montelpare, William
Analyzing kinematics variablesMcPherson, Moira ; Montelpare, William ; Wrigley, Allan ; Purves, Neil
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Arterial Compliance Decreases Following Ultra-Endurance CompetitionBurr, Jamie F.; Bredin, Shannon S. D.; Charlesworth, Sarah; Foulds, Heather; Fougere, Renee; Warburton, Darren E.R.
An on-line introduction to quantitative methodsMcPherson, M.; Montelpare, W.
Factors Predicting Relocation Among Older AdultsWeeks, Lori E.; Keefe, Janice; Macdonald, Dany J.
Evaluating the influence of sleep deprivation upon circadian rhythms of exercise metabolismMontelpare , W.J. ; Plyley , M.J.; Shephard , R.J.
Systemic Arterial Compliance Following Ultra-MarathonBurr, J. F. ; Bredin, S.S. D. ; Phillips, A. ; Foulds, H. ; Cote, A. ; Charlesworth, S. ; Ivey, A. C. ; Drury, T. C. ; , R. Fougere1, ; Warburton, D.E. R.
The defence of legitimate exercise physiology research from real and perceived biasBurr, Jamie F.; Jamnik, Veronica K.; Gledhill, Norman
Intensity-response functions of the electroretinogram in rats deficient in zinc and taurine throughout gestation and into postnatal lifeGottschall-Pass, K.T.; Grahn, B.H.; Gorecki, D.K.J.; Semple, H.A.; Paterson, P.O.
Directions for research in Oldtimers hockeyAdams, L.J. ; Montelpare, W.J.
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Statistical analysis of athlete variability applied to biomechanical analysis of ski jumpingMontelpare, William ; McPherson, Moira ; Puumala, Rodney
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Cardiovascular risks of physical activity in apparently healthy individuals Goodman, J.; Thomas, S.; Burr, J.F.
Executive SummaryWarburton, Darren E. R. ; Jamnik, Veronica K. ; Bredin, Shannon S.D. ; Burr, Jamie ; Charlesworth, Sarah ; Chilibeck, Phil ; Eves, Neil ; Foulds, Heather ; Goodman, Jack ; Jones, Lee ; McKenzie, Donald C. ; Rhodes , Ryan ; Riddell, Michael ; Shephard, Roy J. ; Stone, James ; Thomas, Scott ; Zehr, E. Paul ; Gledhill, Norman
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Skating crossovers on a motorized flywheelSmith, Aynsley M.; Krause, David A.; Stuart, Michael J.; Montelpare, William
Measuring the effects of initiating body checking at the Atom age levelMontelpare, William J ; McPherson, Moira N.
Physiological demands of downhill mountain bikingBurr, J.F.; Drury, C.; Ivey, A.; Warburton, D.
Moderating effect of individual difference variables on the relationships between core job dimensions and valued outcomesNogradi, G. S.; Montelpare, W.
What do adults in Prince Edward Island know about nutrition?Gottschall-Pass , K.; Reyno , L.; Maclellan , D.; Spidel , M.
Implementing elementary school nutrition policyTaylor , J.P.; Maclellan , D. ; Caiger , J.M.; Hernandez , K.; McKenna , M.; Gray , B.; Veugelers , P.
Developing school nutrition policiesMacLellan , D.; Taylor, J.; Freeze, C.
Implementing school nutrition policy MacLellan , D.; Holland , A.; Taylor , J.; McKenna , M.; Hernandez , K.
Food intake and academic performance among adolescentsMacLellan , D.; Taylor , J.; Wood , K.
Dietetic students' understanding of what becoming a dietitian meansMacLellan , D.; Lordly , D.
Physical activity after stroke and spinal cord injuryBurr, J.F.; Shephard, R.J.; Zehr, E.P.
Dietary triacyglycerols rich in sn-2 palmitate alter post-prandial lipoprotein and unesterified fatty acids in term infantsInnis, Sheila M. ; Nelson, Carolanne M.
An ecological synthesis of research on older women's experiences of intimate partner violenceWeeks , L.E.; Leblanc , K.
Do adventure sports have a role in health promotion?Burr, Jamie F. ; Montelpare, William J. ; Shephard, Roy J.
Are Transition Houses Equipped to Meet the Needs of Women in Midlife and Older? LeBlanc, Kristal; Weeks, Lori
Arterial Stiffness Results from Eccentrically Biased Downhill Running ExerciseBurr, J.F. ; Boulter, M. ; Beck, K.
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The everyday experience of living with and managing a neurological condition (the LINC study)Versnel, Joan; Packer, Tanya; Weeks, Lori E. ; Brown, Jocelyn ; Godwin, Marshall; Hutchinson, Susan; Kephart, George; MacKenzie, Dianne; Roger, Kerstin; Stadnyk, Robin; Villeneuve, Michelle; Warner, Grace
Place but not date of birth influences the development and emergence of athletic talent in American footballMacDonald, D. J.; Cheung, M.; Côté, J.; Abernethy, B.
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The impact of informal coach training on the personal development of youth sport athletesMacDonald, Dany J.; Côté, Jean; Deakin, Janice
Access of Rural Canadian Seniors to Social and Support NetworksWeeks, Lori E.; Stadnyk, R.; Keating, N.; Swindle, J.
Dietary adequacy of the rotary diversified diet as a treatment for "environmental illness"Taylor, Jennifer P.; Krondl, M. M.; Spidel, M.; Csima, A. C.
Serum insulin is lowered by rosehips in Sprague Dawley ratsPurcell, Sara Lynn; Nelson, Carolanne M.
The benefits of sampling sports during childhoodCoté, Jean; Horton, Sean; MacDonald, Dany; Wilkes, Scott
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Measured weights in PEI adults reveal higher than expected obesity ratesMacLellan, Debbie L.; Taylor, Jennifer P.; Van Til, Linda; Sweet, Lamont
Dress codesMcBride, S.
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A segmental evaluation of arterial stiffness before and after prolonged strenuous exercisePhillips, Aaron A.; Cote, Anita T.; Foulds, Heather J.; Charlesworth, Sarah; Bredin, Shannon S. D.; Burr, Jamie F.; Ngai, Shirley; Ivey, Adam; Drury, C. T.; Fougere, Renee J.; Warburton, Darren E. R.
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When "where" is more important than "when"Côté, J.; Macdonald, D. J.; Baker, J.; Abernethy, B.
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Constituent yearWattie, Nick; Cobley, Stephen P.; Macpherson, Alison; Montelpare, William J.; McKenna, Jim; Howard, Andrew; Baker, Joseph
The suitMcBride, S.
Environmental illnessTaylor, Jennifer P.; Krondl, Magdalena M.
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Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid regulation of gene expressionPrice, P. T.; Nelson, Carolanne M.; Clarke, S. D.
Lifelong learning in NiagaraWilliams, Allison M.; Montelpare, William J.
An evaluation of a classroom science intervention designed to extend the bicycle helmet safety messageMcPherson, Moira N.; Marsh, Pamela K.; Montelpare, William J.; Van Barneveld, Christina; Zerpa, Carlos E.
The relationship between symptom reporting and measures of stimulus detection, stimulus appraisal, and stimulus toleranceMontelpare, William J.
Web-based LearningMontelpare, William J.; Williams, Allison
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Short reportMacDonald, Dany J.; King, Jared; , ; Abernethy, Bruce
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From good husbandry to good businessMcBride, S.
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Client-centred nutrition counsellingMacLellan, Debbie L.; Berenbaum, Shawna
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[Review of the book Health risks of weight loss]MacLellan, Debbie L.
Injuries in Canadian youth ice hockeyWattie, Nick; Cobley, Stephen; Macpherson, Alison; Howard, Andrew; Montelpare, William J.; Baker, Joseph
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Are Canadians acting on recommendations to increase fruit and vegetable consumption to lower cancer risk?Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; MacLellan, Debbie L.
North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) stimulates apoptotic pathways in DU145 human prostate cancer cells in vitroMacLean, M. A.; Scott, B. E.; Deziel, B. A.; Nunnelley, M. C.; Liberty, A. M.; Gottschall-Pass, K.; Neto, C. C.; Hurta, R. A. R.
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[Review of the book Human relations interpersonal, job oriented skills]MacLellan, Debbie L.
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Housing concerns of vulnerable older CanadiansWeeks, L. E.; LeBlanc, K.
Monitoring and evaluating school nutrition and physical activity policiesTaylor, J. P.; McKenna, M. L.; Butler, G. P.
Rep leagues vs. house leaguesWattie, Nick A.; Cobley, Stephen; Macpherson, Alison; Howard, Andrew; Montelpare, William J.; Baker, Joseph
Mental toughness training for golfMacDonald, Dany
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American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extract affects human prostate cancer cell growth via cell cycle arrest by modulating expression of cell cycle regulatorsDeziel, B.; MacPhee, J.; Patel, K.; Catalli, A.; Kulka, M.; Neto, C.; Gottschall-Pass, K.; Hurta, R.
A province-wide school nutrition policy and food consumption in elementary school children in Prince Edward Island.Mullally , M.L.; Taylor , J.P.; Kuhle , S.; Bryanton , J.; Hernandez , K.J.; MacLellan , D.L.; McKenna , M.L.; Gray , RJ, ; Veugelers , P.J.
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The influence of the family on the future housing preferences of seniors in CanadaWeeks, Lori E.; Branton, O.; Nilsson, Thomy H.
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Anthocyanins isolated from lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium Angustifolium) inhibit oxidative stress-induced nitrite accumulation and NOS induction in cultured cerebellar granule neuronsSweeney-Nixon, Marva I.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Clark, K. J.; Durant, C.
Choice of diet impacts the incidence of stroke in the spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rat modelScanlan, A. P.; Shaughnessy, K. S.; Sweeney-Nixon, Marva I.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.
Blueberry flavonoids inhibit matrix metalloproteinase activity in DU145 human prostate cancer cellsMatchett, M. D.; MacKinnon, S. L.; Sweeney-Nixon, Marva I.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Hurta, Robert A. R.
Extracts from wild blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium) reduce markers of LPS-induced inflammation in the ratGottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Macdonald, K.; Garrity, E.; Pass, E.; LeClair-Morrison, S.; Sweeney-Nixon, Marva I.
Blueberry supplementation lowers iNOS but not COX-2 expression in LPS challenged ratsGottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Wark, M.; Yeung, H.; Pass, E.; Purcell, S.; MacPhee, R.; Sweeney-Nixon, Marva I.
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Antioxidant rich fractioins isolated from cranberries reduce neuronal death in response to simulated ischemic stroke and reperfusion injury in vitroSweeney-Nixon, Marva I.; Soloman, F.; Neto, C. C.
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Wild blueberry extracts produce modest improvements in predictors of cardiovascular disease in cholesterol fed rabbitsGottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Ashby, J.; MacKinnon, S.; Kalt, W.; Sweeney-Nixon, Marva I.
Well-being of mid- and later-life mothers of children with developmental disabilitiesWeeks, Lori E.; Bryanton, O.; Kozma, A.; Nilsson, Thomy H.
Short term diets enriched with wild blueberries decrease stroke severity in ratsSweeney-Nixon, Marva I.; Blacquiere, D.; Ashby, J.; MacKinnon, S.; Kalt, W.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.
Association between duration of community-based group membership and sustainable livelihoods for Kenyan Women dairy farmersWalton, Colleen; VanLeeuwen, John ; Yeudall, Fiona ; Taylor, Jennifer
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Personal health practices around physical activity as perceived by aboriginal children of Prince Edward IslandCritchley, K.; Walton, Fiona; Timmons, V.; Bryanton, Janet; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Taylor, Jennifer P.
Diet, health & lifestyle risk factors for breast cancer among women in Prince Edward Island, CanadaKnight, J.; Taylor, Jennifer P.; Spangler, Elizabeth; Brimacombe, M.; Dryer, D.
Voice of the communityTimmons, Vianne; , ; McAuley, Alexander; Campbell, Barbara; Critchley, Kimberley; Taylor, Jennifer; Walton, Fiona
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Sensory evaluation and factors associated with transmitted flavours in milk in PEI dairy herdsMounchili, Aboubakar; Wichtel, Jeffrey; Halliday, L.; Dohoo, Ian R.; Keefe, Gregory P.; VanLeeuwen, John A.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.
Transmitted flavours in milk in PEI dairy herdsMounchili, Aboubakar; Wichtel, Jeffrey; Halliday, L.; Dohoo, Ian R.; Keefe, Gregory P.; VanLeeuwen, John A.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.
The influence of student-level normative, control and behavioral beliefs on staying smoke-freeMurnaghan, Donna Anne; Blanchard, Chris; Rodgers, Wendy; Rosa, Jennifer; MacQuarrie, Colleen; MacLellan, Debbie; Gray, Bob
Factors associated with off-flavors in milk from PEI dairy herdsMounchili, Aboubakar; Wichtel, Jeffrey; Halliday, A.; Sampson, R.; Dohoo, Ian R.; Keefe, Gregory P.; VanLeeuwen, John A.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.
Engaging the communityCritchley, K.; Timmons, V.; Campbell, Barbara R.; McAuley, Alexander; Taylor, Jennifer P.; Walton, Fiona
Supporting the volunteer career of male hospice-palliative care volunteersWeeks, L. E.; MacQuarrie, C.
Off-flavours in unpasteurized milk in PEI dairy herdsMounchili, Aboubakar; Wichtel, Jeffrey; Dohoo, Ian R.; Keefe, Gregory P.; VanLeeuwen, John A.; Gottschall-Pass, Katherine T.; Halliday, L.; Sampson, R.
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A gendered analysis of the abuse of older adultsWeeks, Lori E.; Richards, Judy-Lynn; Nilsson, Thomy H.; Kozma, Albert; Bryanton, Olive
Exploring the impacts of volunteer hospice palliative care on spousal caregiversWeeks, Lori E.; MacQuarrie, Colleen R.; Gaudet, G.; Richards, Judy-Lynn

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