Cora Gilroy



NameCora Gilroy
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Pathology and Microbiology
Phone(902) 566-0759

Cora Gilroy


Associate Professor, Clinical Pathology

DVM, MVSc, University of Prince Edward Island; Dipl. ACVP

A native of Prince Edward Island, Dr. Cornelia (Cora) Gilroy graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1997 and went on to complete a small animal internship at Alta Vista Animal Hospital, in Ottawa, Ontario. After enjoying several years as a small animal practitioner, she returned to the Atlantic Veterinary College for a clinical pathology residency and graduate training. Dr. Gilroy obtained her board certification in clinical pathology from the American College of Veterinary Pathologists in 2006 and is an assistant professor at the Atlantic Veterinary College, where her duties include diagnostic work, teaching and being the co-coordinator for Diagnostic Update, the newsletter from the Atlantic Veterinary College Diagnostic Services.

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Reliability of 400-cell and 5-field leukocyte differential counts for equine bronchoalveolar lavage fluidFernandez, Nicole J.; Hecker, Kent G; Gilroy, Cornelia V.; Warren, Amy L.; Léguillette, Renaud
Toxicity of PCB 156 in the rat liverGilroy, Cornelia; Singh, A.; Chu, I.; Villeneuve, D. C.
PCB congener 77-induced ultrastructural alterations in the rat liverGilroy, Cornelia; Connell, B. J.; Singh, A.; Suidgeest, P.; Chu, I.
Cilia in the porcine bile ductule: motile or sensoryGilroy, Cornelia; Singh, A.; Shahidi, E.
Validation of the Nova CRT8 for the measurement of ionized magnesium in feline serumGilroy, Cornelia; Burton, Shelley A.; Horney, Barbara S.; Mackenzie, A. L.
Evaluation of ionized and total serum magnesium concentrations in hyperthyroid catsGilroy, Cornelia; Horney, Barbara S.; Burton, Shelley A.; MacKenzie, A. L.
Toxicity of PCB 105 in the rat liverSingh, A.; Gilroy, Cornelia; Chu, I.; Villeneuve, D. C.
Eosinophilia in a cat with acute leukemiaGilroy, Cornelia; Forzán, María; Drew, Anne; Vernau, William
Porcine lingual taste budsMack, A.; Singh, A.; Gilroy, C. V.; Ireland, W.

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