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Collaborative tagging approaches for ontological metadata in adaptive e-learning systemsBateman, S.; Brooks, C.; McCalla, G.
Nondeterministic tree width of regular languagesCâmpeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai
Issues and directions with educational metadataBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; Liu, W.; McCalla, G.; Greer, J.; Gasevic, D.; Eap, T.; Richards, G.; Hammouda, K.; Shehata, S.; ,
Useful junk?Bateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Gutwin, C.; Genest, A.; McDine, D.; Brooks, C.
Collaborative taggingBateman, S.
Personalized retrieval in social bookmarkingBateman, S.; Muller, M. J.; Freyne, J.
Leveraging folksonomies for ontology evolution in e-learning environmentsTorniai, C.; Jovanovic, J.; Bateman, S.; Gasevic, D.; Hatala, M.
Calibration gamesFlatla, D. R.; Gutwin, C.; Nacke, L. E.; Bateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.
E-learning meets the social semantic WebTorniai, C.; Jovanovic, J.; Gasevic, D.; Bateman, S.; Hatala, M.
Applying collaborative tagging to e-learningBateman, S.; Brooks, C.; McCalla, G.; Brusilovsky, P.
Applying the agent metaphor to learning content management systems and learning object repositoriesBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; McCalla, G.; Greer, J.
Interactive usability instrumentationBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; Osgood, N.; McCalla, G.
Seeing things in the cloudsBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; Nacenta, M.
Investigation of Targeting-Assistance Techniques for Distant Pointing with Relative Ray CastingBateman, S.; Mandryk, R.; Gutwin, C.; Xiao, R.
Why expressiveness matters in command & control visualizationsGenest, A.; Bateman, S.; Tang, A.; Scott, S.; Gutwin, C.
Using group interaction history in the wildBateman, S.
On the evolution of Linux kernelsLei , Wang; Pengzhi , Yu; Zheng , Wang; Chen , Yang; Qiang , Ye
CDS-based virtual backbone construction with guaranteed routing cost in wireless sensor networksDu, Hongwei (David); Wu, Weili; Ye, Qiang; Li, Deying; Lee, Wonjun; Xu, Xuepeng
STCDGCheng, Jie; Ye, Qiang ; Jiang, Hongbo; Wang, Dan; Wang, Chonggang
Analysis and comparison of target assistance techniques for relative ray-cast pointingBateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Gutwin, C.; Xiao, R.
The search dashboardBateman, S.; Teevan, J.; White, R. W.
Distinguishability operation on regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Moreira, Nelma
Shuffle quotient and decompositionsCâmpeanu, C.; Salomaa, K.; Vágvölgyi, S.
The number of similarity relations and the number of minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Personal visualization and personal visual analyticsHuang, D.; Tory, M.; Aseniero, B.; Bartram, L.; Bateman, S.; Carpendale, S.; Tang, A.
Target assistance for subtly balancing competitive playBateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Stach, T.; Gutwin, C.
Improving player balancing in racing gamesCechanowicz, Jared E. ; Gutwin, Carl; Bateman, Scott; Mandryk, Regan; Stavness, Ian
State complexity of the subword closure operation with applications to DNA codingCâmpeanu, Cezar; Konstantinidis, Stavros
Social navigation for loosely-coupled information seeking in tightly-knit groups using WebWearBateman, Scott; Gutwin, Carl; McCalla, Gordon
Lessons learned using social and semantic web technologies for e-learningBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; Greer, J.; McCalla, G.
Social feedbackBateman, S.
Physio@HomeTang, Richard ; Alizadeh, Hesam ; Tang, Anthony ; Bateman, Scott ; Jorge, Joaquim A.P.
The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of aim-assist techniques in first-person shooter gamesVicencio-Moriera, Rodrigo ; Mandryk, Regan L. ; Gutwin, Carl ; Bateman, Scott
Effects of view, input device, and track width on video game drivingBateman, S.; Doucette, A.; Xiao, R.; Gutwin, C.; Mandryk, R. L.; Cockburn, A.
Matrix-completion approach to mobile network localizationYe, Qiang ; Cheng, Jie ; Du, Hongwei ; Jia, Xiaohua ; Zhang, Jing
The social semantic web in intelligent learning environmentsJovanović, Jelena; Gasšević, Dragan; Torniaić, Carlo; Bateman, Scott; Hatala, Marek
Descriptional complexity in encoded blum static complexity spacesCâmpeanu, Cezar
Collective information seekingBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; McCalla, G.; White, R. W.
OATSBateman, S.; Farzan, R.; Brusilovsky, P.; McCalla, G.
Leveraging the social semantic web in intelligent tutoring systemsJovanovic, Jelena; Torniai, C.; Gasevic, Dragan; Bateman, Scott; Hatala, Marek
Lessons learned using social and semantic web technologies for e-learningBrooks, Christopher; Bateman, Scott; Greer, Jim; McCalla, Gord
WDCSLiu, Yaning; Du, Hongwei; Ye, Qiang
TCP-oriented restoration objectives for SONET/SDH networksYe, Qiang
A formal study of practical regular expressionsCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Pattern expressions and pattern automataCampeanu, Cezar; Yu, Sheng
Sublytic complement C5b-9 complexes induce thrombospondin-1 production in rat glomerular mesangial cells via PI3-k/AktGao, Lingjuan; Qiu, Wen; Wang, Yingwei; Xu, Wenhuan; Xu, Juan; Tong, Jianxia
PrefaceCâmpeanu, Cezar; Pighizzini, Giovanni
Tight bounds for NFA to DFCA transformations for binary alphabetsCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Mergible states in large NFACampeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, Sheng
The complement C5b-9 complexes induced injury of glomerular mesangial cells in rats with Thy-1 nephritis by increasing nitric oxide synthesisWang, Yingwei; He, Qiuzhao; Qin, Huilian; Xu, Jinghua; Tong, Jianxia; Gao, Lingjuan; Xu, Juan
The spectrum of genomic signaturesWang, Yingwei; Hill, Kathleen; Singh, Shiva; Kari, Lila
Obtaining and separation of F-18 from (H2O)-O-18; obtaining of TEP imagesCampeanu, Cezar; Racolta, P. M.; Nicolae, N.; Mihalcea, I.
An O(n2) algorithm for constructing minimal cover automata for finite languagesPuaun, Andrei; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, Sheng; Campeanu, Cezar
On the intersection of regex languages with regular languagesCâmpeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae
Computing beyond the Turing limit using the H systemsCampeanu, Cezar; Puaun, Andrei
Incremental construction of minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Smith, Jason R.
Regex and extended regexCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, K.; Yu, S.
Results on transforming NFA into DFCACampeanu, Cezar; Kari, L.; Paun, Andrei
Inhibitory effects of ligustrazine, a modulator of thromboxane-prostacycline-nitric oxide balance, on renal injury in rats with passive Heyman nephritisWang, Yingwei; Tong, Jianxia; Tang, Renxian; Dong, Hongyan; Xu, Jinghua
Counting the number of minimal DFCA obtained by merging statesCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Fast searches in a recommendation sessionWang, Yingwei; Cercone, N.
Using simulation to test formally verified protocols in complex environmentsYe, Qiang; MacGregor, Mike H.
Automata recognizing no wordsCalude, Cristian S.; Campeanu, Cezar; Dumitrescu, Monica
Shuffle decompositions of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, K.; Vagvolgyi, S.
An incremental algorithm for constructing minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Smith, J. R.
An efficient algorithm for constructing minimal cover automata for finite languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Yu, Sheng
State complexity of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Tight lower bound for the state complexity of shuffle of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Note on the topological structure of ramdom stringsCalude, C.; Campeanu, Cezar
Minimal cover-automata for finite languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, S.
Whole-genome analysis of piscine reovirus (PRV) shows PRV represents a new genus in family Reoviridae and its genome segment S1 sequences group it into two separate sub-genotypesKibenge , M.J.; Iwamoto, T.; Wang , Y.; Morton , A.; Godoy , M.G.; Kibenge , F.S.

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