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NameGraham Pike
PositionFaculty Member

Graham Pike


BA, Sociology; MA, Comparative Education; PhD, Educational Studies

Dr. Graham Pike is the former Dean of Education at UPEI, which he served as for six years. Prior to his time at UPEI, Pike spent six years at the University of Toronto as a Co-Director of the International Institute for Global Education and eight years as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Global Education at the University of York in England. He has also worked for non-governmental organizations, developing curriculum on human rights and environmental education and consulting in more than 20 countries including projects for UNICEF in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

In 2006, Pike received the Canadian Bureau of International Education’s Award for Innovation, awarded in recognition of "extraordinary contributions, of national or international magnitude, to the field of international education."

In January of 2009, Pike was appointed as the Dean of International Education at Vancouver Island University.

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