Uptake of lipids by the entomophilic nematode ...



Title Uptake of lipids by the entomophilic nematode Romanomermis culicivorax
Author(s) R. Gordon, I. R. Burford, T. L. Young
Journal Journal of Nematology
Date 1982
Volume 14
Issue 4
Start page 492
End page 495
Abstract R. culicivorax juveniles were dissected out of Aedes aegypti larvae 7 days after infection and incubated under controlled conditions in isotonic saline containing a 14C-labelled fatty acid (palmitic acid), monoacylglycerol (glycerol monoolein), or triacylglycerol (glycerol tripalmitate) nutrient source. The mermithid absorbed each of these lipids from the incubation medium, the rate of uptake being greatest for glycerol monoolein. No lipase activity was detected in whole nematode homogenates or in the media in which the nematodes were incubated. It is suggested that the nematode transports complex lipid molecules across its outer cuticle intact. [AS].

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