A morphometric analysis of leaf development in Vitis ...



Title A morphometric analysis of leaf development in Vitis riparia, and grape cultivars Concord and Vivant
Author(s) Christian R. Lacroix, U. Posluszny
Journal Canadian Journal of Botany
Date 1991
Volume 69
Issue 2
Start page 400
End page 406
Abstract Leaf characters, such as angles between major veins, ratios of the length of leaf lobes, of leaf lobes and sinuses, and of petioles and leaf lobes, were measured on leaves of different sizes and compared against leaf blade length (an indirect measure of developmental time) to see if there were differences between them at different developmental stages, and between the 3 taxa studied. Two trends were observed. Characters dealing with angles between major leaf veins, and those dealing with the ratio of the distance to the first point of branching of the major leaf vein of a lobe and the length of that leaf lobe, showed relatively little change over leaf blade length compared with more variable characters such as those involving the leaf petiole, leaf sinuses or leaf lobes. If it is assumed that leaves of different lengths represent leaves at different stages of development, it appears that the characters dealing with angles or venation do not change extensively over time. However, characters dealing with ratios of the distance to a leaf sinus and lobe length, ratios of the length of 2 leaf lobes or those dealing with the ratio of the length of the petiole and lobe length showed a stronger indication of change over leaf blade length. The parameters of interest in most of the these ratios (petiole length or sinus depth compared against the length of a leaf lobe) varied more at different leaf blade lengths. It was also possible to distinguish between taxa for characters dealing with leaf lobes, petioles and sinuses..
DOI 10.1139/b91-055

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