Phyllotactic patterns in some members of the Vitaceae



Title Phyllotactic patterns in some members of the Vitaceae
Author(s) Christian R. Lacroix, U. Posluszny
Journal Botanical Gazette Chicago
Date 1989
Volume 150
Issue 3
Start page 303
End page 313
Abstract In addition to two opposite cotyledons, germinating seedlings of V. riparia and Vitis cv. Vivant display two other phyllotactic patterns: (1) immediately following the emergence of the cotyledons, leaves are initiated individually in a spiral pattern, usually 2/5; (2) upon the initiation of the first tendril the phyllotactic pattern changes to alternate and opposite leaves (distichous) with leaf-opposed tendrils at two consecutive nodes out of three. The mean divergence angle observed at the primordial level in young seedlings with spiral phyllotaxy was different from the reported divergence angle of 144 degrees (2/5) observed between mature leaves. The transition between spiral and distichous leaf arrangement is abrupt, the first tendril being initiated opposite a leaf. Later in development, the tendrils are shifted to one side of the axis giving the shoot a dorsiventral symmetry. The distichous "mature" dorsiventrally symmetrical pattern in seedlings of V. riparia and cv. Vivant was compared to other members of the Vitaceae, which did not show this striking dorsiventrality..
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