Toward pillared layered metal sulfides. ...



Title Toward pillared layered metal sulfides. Intercalation of the chalcogenide clusters Co(6)Q(8)(PR(3))(6) (Q=S, Se, and Te and R=alkyl) into MoS2
Author(s) Rabin Bissessur, J. Heising, W. Hirpo, M. Kanatzidis
Journal Chemistry of Materials
Date 1996
Volume 8
Issue 2
Start page 318
End page 320
Abstract A new family of materials based on layered transition metal dichalcogenides of the type [M'(x)Q(y)L(z)](n)[MoS2] (Q = S, Se, Te) was prepared as a first step toward pillared layered sulfides. The new intercalated phases form from the addition of Co(6)Q(8)(PR(3))(6) solutions to exfoliated suspensions MoS2.
DOI 10.1021/cm950378+

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