Behavioral observations and operant procedures using ...



Title Behavioral observations and operant procedures using microwaves as a heat source for young chicks
Author(s) W. D. Morrison, I. McMillan, Lius A. Bate, L. Otten, D. C. T. Pei
Journal Poultry Science
Date 1986
Volume 65
Issue 8
Start page 1516
End page 1521
Abstract Chicks housed at 16 degrees C were exposed to microwave or infrared heat. Microwave power density was 26, 13 or 10 mW/cmsuperscript 2. Chicks voluntarily demanded between 28 and 63% as much heat (min heat/hr) from the microwave source as from the infrared source at all power densities. There was no correlation between the ratio of heat demanded and the power density used. There were no significant differences in growth between infrared- or microwave-heated chicks. 8-day-old broiler chicks were capable of associating the performance of a task with a thermal reward provided by the microwaves. They were also able to utilize these microwaves through operant conditioning without any visible detrimental effect to their health or behaviour..

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