The search for the meaning of 'Client-centred' practice



Title The search for the meaning of 'Client-centred' practice
Author(s) Debbie L. MacLellan
Date 2005
Issue 30
Start page 1
Abstract It was not until I was asked to teach clinical nutrition that I began to understand the source of my frustrations. When you have to teach someone how to 'be clientcentred' you have to truly understand what that means - and I realized that I did not. Further, in talking with my colleagues it was apparent that although they too said that they were 'client-centred' m their practice, how that translated into what they did on a daily basis differed. Some said that 'being client-centred' meant that they tailored their nutrition advice to meet their clients' needs; others talked about facilitating dietary behaviour change; still others talked about 'empowering' their clients to make informed decisions. A search of the literature also revealed that although many health professions have adopted what they call a 'client-centred approach,' how that approach is defined and implemented varies.

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