Effects of a laser field on surface-ion neutralization



Title Effects of a laser field on surface-ion neutralization
Author(s) F. O. Goodman, Kenneth W. Sulston, R. I. Lindsay, S. G. Davison
Journal Physical Review B
Date 1993
Volume 47
Issue 16
Start page 10685
End page 10694
Abstract We present a theoretical model for studying the effects of an electromagnetic (laser) field on the process of neutralization of an ion during scattering by a surface. The model is part of a many-electron theory within the framework of a time-dependent version of the Anderson-Newns model. Where we specify the system studied, we choose the scattering of an initially ionized lithium atom by a potassium bromide surface. The model considers only scattering in one dimension. Numerical results are presented for the ion-neutralization probability as a function of time, incident-ion kinetic energy, electronic properties of the system, laser intensity, and laser frequency. The results are discussed and conclusions are drawn; for example, we conclude that the laser effects are negligible (at least for the parameters we choose) for laser intensities below about 1 PW/m2, and intensities larger than about 10 PW/m2 may be required for substantial effects.

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