Recoil effects on charge transfer in atom-surface ...



Title Recoil effects on charge transfer in atom-surface scattering
Author(s) Kenneth W. Sulston, S. G. Davison
Journal Surface Science
Date 1992
Volume 261
Issue 1-3
Start page 335
End page 341
Abstract The theory of resonant charge transfer during atom-surface scattering has been extended to incorporate the effect on the charge transfer probability of the motion of the target atom, which is accomplished by treating it as a quantum harmonic oscillator. This leads to a coupling between the transferring electron and the phonon modes on the target atom, which modifies the equations of motion governing the charge-transfer probability. These equations are solved numerically within the wide-band approximation. As a specific example, the theory is applied to the scattering of Li from a W surface partially covered with K adatoms. The electron-phonon coupling effect is seen to be fairly small, but capable of either hindering or enhancing the charge-transfer process. depending upon the projectile's kinetic energy.

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