The influence of 1-MCP on shelf-life quality of ...



Title The influence of 1-MCP on shelf-life quality of highbush blueberry
Author(s) J. M. DeLong, R. K. Prange, C. Bishop, P. A. Harrison, D. A. J. Ryan
Journal HortScience
Date 2003
Volume 38
Issue 3
Start page 417
End page 418
Abstract To determine if postharvest treatments of 1-methyleyclopropene (1-MCP)retard the senescence of highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) removed from storage, 'Burlington' (early) and 'Coville'(late) fruit were harvested from four experimental sites and treated for 24 hours at 20 degreesC with W(control), 25 (low), 100 (medium), or 400 (high) nL.L-1 of 1-MCP. All fruit were then stored in a controlled atmosphere of 10-15 kPa O-2 and 10 kPa CO2 at -1 to 1 degreesC for 4, 8, and 12 weeks, followed, by a 20 degreesC shelf-life of up to 20 days. During the shelf-life period immediately after harvest and those following each storage removal, percent marketable fruit (PMF) were calculated daily as: [fruit in good condition]/[total berry number] x 100. Changes in PMF were not affected by 1-MCP treatment; hence, we conclude that 1-MCP at rates up to 400 nL.L-1 does not alter the shelf-life quality of the highbush blueberry cultivars tested.

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