ence Dunlap R., Yewondwossen M., and Lawther D., ...



Title ence Dunlap R., Yewondwossen M., and Lawther D., (1993) Mossbauer effect studies of amorphous Al-Y-Ni-Fe alloys
Author(s) R. A. Dunlap, M. H. Yewondwossen, Derek W. Lawther
Journal Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
Date 1993
Volume 156
Start page 192
End page 195
Abstract Amorphous Al-Y-Ni alloys, prepared by rapid solidification from the melt, have shown a unique combination of low density and high tensile strength. In the present work amorphous alloys of the composition Al87Y8Ni5-xFex (2 less-than-or-equal-to x less-than-or-equal-to 5) have been studied using room temperature Fe-57 Mossbauer effect spectroscopy. These alloys show a mean quadrupole splitting which increases slightly with increasing Fe content. The mean isomer shift remains essentially constant as a function of x. All spectra are very nearly symmetric, indicating a weak correlation between the isomer shift and quadrupole splitting. The mean isomer shift is approximately +0.17 mm/s relative to alpha-Fe and is consistent with Fe probe atoms in a close-packed Al environment.

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