Equilibrium conformational dynamics of a polymer in ...



Title Equilibrium conformational dynamics of a polymer in a solvent
Author(s) James M. Polson, J. P. Gallant
Journal Journal of Chemical Physics
Date 2006
Volume 124
Issue 18
Start page 184905
End page 184905
Abstract Molecular dynamics simulations were used to study the conformational dynamics of a bead-spring model polymer in an explicit solvent under good solvent conditions. The dynamics of the polymer chain were investigated using an analysis of the time autocorrelation functions of the Rouse coordinates of the polymer chain. We have investigated the variation of the correlation functions with polymer chain length N, solvent density rho, and system size. The measured initial decay rates Gamma(p) of the correlation functions were compared with the predictions from a theory of polymer dynamics which uses the Oseen tensor to describe hydrodynamic interactions between monomers. Over the range of chain lengths considered (N=30-60 monomers), the predicted scaling of Gamma(p)proportional to N-3 nu was observed at high rho, where nu is the polymer scaling exponent. The predicted Gamma(p) are generally higher than the measured values. This discrepancy increases with decreasing rho, as a result in the breakdown in the conditions required for the Oseen approximation. The agreement between theory and simulation at high rho improves considerably if the theoretical expression for Gamma(p) is modified to avoid sum-to-integral approximations, and if the values of , which are used in the theory, are taken directly from the simulation rather than being calculated using approximate scaling relations. The observed finite-size scaling of Gamma(p) is not quantitatively consistent with the theoretical predictions. (c) 2006 American Institute of Physics.
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