Nematic-isotropic phase coexistence in a ...



Title Nematic-isotropic phase coexistence in a Lebwohl-Lasher model binary liquid crystal mixture
Author(s) James M. Polson, E. E. Burnell
Journal Chemical Physics Letters
Date 1997
Volume 281
Issue 1-3
Start page 207
End page 211
Abstract Monte Carlo computer simulations were used to investigate the phase behaviour of a Lebwohl-Lasher binary liquid-crystal mixture. A finite-size scaling analysis confirmed the first-order nature of the transition. The calculated nematic-isotopic phase coexistence region and the orientational order parameters for the two species along the phase boundary for a sample system were found to deviate significantly from those predicted by a mean-field theory. Increasing the difference between the isotropic components of the pair-potential of the two species resulted in a broadening of the coexistence region. (C) 1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

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