Structure and dynamics of solid tris ...



Title Structure and dynamics of solid tris (Trimethylsilyl) Amine by deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Author(s) G. H. Penner, James M. Polson
Journal Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions
Date 1993
Issue 5
Start page 803
End page 806
Abstract Deuterium NMR spectra for solid [H-2(9)]tris(trimethylsilyl)amine were recorded at 77 K and in the region 114-353 K. At 77 K there is only fast rotation of the methyl groups. Between 122 and 171 K rotation of the trimethylsilyl groups and of the entire molecule (about its C3 axis) affect the deuterium N M R line shape. Above 180 K both motions are fast ( > 10(5) Hz). There is a phase transition at 227 +/- 2 K. Above 227 K the molecule undergoes a fast precessional motion of increasing effective amplitude until the melting point (343 K). The only dynamic model capable of explaining the spectra at temperatures above 180 K requires the three N-Si bonds to be coplanar.
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