Risk factors associated with mortalities attributed ...



Title Risk factors associated with mortalities attributed to infectious salmon anaemia virus in New Brunswick, Canada
Author(s) K. Larry Hammell, Ian R. Dohoo
Journal Journal of Fish Diseases
Date 2005
Volume 28
Issue 11
Start page 651
End page 661
Abstract Outbreaks of unexplained mortalities attributed to infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) were examined in the 1996 year class of Atlantic salmon in three regions of New Brunswick, Canada. A total of 218 net pens at 14 sites deemed to have been exposed to ISA virus (ISAV) were surveyed for mortality records and management, environmental and host characteristics. Based on definitions of mortality patterns, clinical ISA disease outbreaks occurred in 106 net pens. There were eight sites in which >50% of net pens experienced ISA outbreaks during the study period. Factors related to their potential role in transmission of virus to new sites or new net pens at the same site were identified as sea lice vectors, divers visiting multiple sites, sites belonging to companies with more than one site, exposure to other year classes at the site, and proximity to other infected net pens. Host resistance factors associated with greater risk of outbreaks were identified as larger groupings, general health following smolt transfer, stressful husbandry procedures during growout, and health or productivity during colder water periods. Despite very close proximity between sites, modification of these management factors would probably influence the severity of mortalities caused by ISAV.
DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2761.2005.00668.x

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