Peritoneal fluid values and collection technique in ...



Title Peritoneal fluid values and collection technique in young, normal calves
Author(s) Shelley A. Burton, Jeanne Lofstedt, S. Webster, Sandra E. McConkey
Date 1997
Volume 26
Issue 1
Start page 38
End page 44
Abstract Peritoneal fluid from 10 healthy young male Holstein calves was analyzed three times (2 to 3 days, 12 to 15 days and 27 to 30 days) during the first month of life. A new technique for collection of peritoneal fluid from calves positioned in left lateral recumbency was developed. The technique was found to be reliable and without noticeable complications. Mean peritoneal fluid nucleated cell counts, red blood cell counts, and absolute counts for mononuclear cells, lymphocytes and eosinophils did not change significantly (P </= 0.05) over the first month of life. Mean peritoneal fluid protein concentrations were significantly (P </= 0.05) higher at the earliest sampling period compared to the latter two sampling times. The mean absolute neutrophil count in peritoneal fluid at the final sampling time was significantly (P </= 0.05) higher than in the earlier two sampling times. These changes were considered to be of equivocal importance. There was no significant (P </= 0.05) correlation between the calves' white blood cell counts and peritoneal fluid nucleated cell counts, or between absolute counts of similar cell types in peripheral blood and peritoneal fluid. Peritoneal fluid from the young calves in the present study had higher mean total nucleated cell counts and lower protein concentrations when compared non-statistically to peritoneal fluid values reported in the literature for older calves and mature pregnant cattle. The young calves also had lower mean absolute eosinophil counts and higher mean absolute neutrophil cell counts than those previously reported for older calves and mature cattle. It was concluded that use of data for peritoneal fluid values in older calves or mature cattle may be inappropriate for evaluating peritoneal fluid from younger calves.

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