Characterization of infertility and bovine leukemia ...



Title Characterization of infertility and bovine leukemia virus infection in beef bulls on southwestern Louisiana coastal range
Author(s) Gavin F. Richardson, C. L. Seger, W. F. Braun, L. F. Archbald, D. R. Lingard, G. F. Amborski, R. E. Corstvet, J. B. Malone, M. C. Carakostas
Journal Theriogenology
Date 1986
Volume 26
Issue 4
Start page 445
End page 454
Abstract One hundred and twenty-six beef bulls on southwestern Louisiana coastal range were evaluated for breeding soundness. Samples were taken to determine the incidence of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) infection, and the prepuce was cultured for potential pathogens. A high incidence (47.6%) of questionable and unsatisfactory potential breeders resulted mainly from 37.0% of the bulls exhibiting high numbers of abnormal sperm cells in the semen. Only bulls in the 4-to 5-yr age group exhibited the expected incidence of normal spermiograms. Genital campylobacteriosis was not diagnosed but there was genital trichomoniasis in three of the seven herds. Hemophilus somnus , mycoplasma and ureaplasma were isolated from the prepuce of 13.3, 48.8 and 36.7% of the bulls, respectively. Isolation of these organisms from the prepuce did not appear to be associated with abnormal spermiograms. Of the bulls studied, 34.4% had positive AGID reactions for BLV. Bulls seropositive to BLV had an increased incidence of leukocyte counts that were above the normal range. There was no apparent relationship between BLV infection and abnormal spermiograms.

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