Clinical characteristics of prostate cancer in ...



Title Clinical characteristics of prostate cancer in African Americans, American whites, and Senegalese men
Author(s) S. M. Gueye, C. M. Zeigler-Johnson, T. Friebel, Elizabeth Spangler, M. Jalloh, S. MacBride, S. B. Malkowicz, T. R. Rebbeck
Journal Urology
Date 2003
Volume 61
Issue 5
Start page 987
End page 992
Abstract OBJECTIVES: To describe the clinical features of prostate cancer in Senegalese men and compare these features with those found in African-American and white American men. METHODS: We identified an unselected series of 121 patients with prostate cancer diagnosed at two hospitals in Dakar, Senegal between 1997 and 2002. Medical record abstractions were undertaken to evaluate the prostate tumor characteristics, patient age at diagnosis, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, and reason for referral. In addition, these characteristics were compared with a sample of 455 U.S. white men and 60 African-American men with prostate cancer who were studied as part of a prostate cancer case-control study. RESULTS: Senegalese men had a significantly worse tumor stage than Americans (41.3% versus 18.8%, P <0.001), a significantly worse mean PSA level at diagnosis (mean PSA 72.7 ng/mL versus 9.0 ng/mL in Americans; P <0.001), and were diagnosed at a significantly later age than U.S. men (69 years versus 61 years, P <0.001). U.S. men were most likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer after an elevated PSA test, and Senegalese men were most often diagnosed after presenting for prostate-related symptoms. CONCLUSIONS: These observations are not unexpected given the differences in the patterns of prostate cancer screening and health care in the United States compared with Senegal. However, our data provide descriptive information about the characteristics of prostate cancer diagnosed in Senegal and highlight differences in the characteristics and detection of these tumors across populations with very different healthcare systems.

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