Wide-complex tachycardia associated with severe ...



Title Wide-complex tachycardia associated with severe hyperkalemia in three cats
Author(s) B. C. Norman, Etienne Cote, K. A. Barrett
Journal Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery
Date 2006
Volume 8
Issue 6
Start page 372
End page 378
Abstract The well recognized cardiac effects of severe hyperkalemia include progressive rhythm and conduction disturbances such as bradycardia, spiked and narrow T waves, widening QRS complex, widening and flattening P wave, disappearance of the P wave, and cardiac arrest. Paradoxically, a heart rate greater than 200 beats/min may coexist with hyperkalemia in some cats. This report describes three cats with moderate to severe hyperkalemia and concurrent rapid heart rate. In each cat, the serum potassium (K(+)) concentration was > or =7.5 mEq/dl with a concurrent heart rate > 200 beats/min. In each cat, nine-lead electrocardiograms demonstrate an absence of P waves and a wide-complex tachycardia. Hyperkalemia should be considered in the differential diagnosis when a feline electrocardiogram demonstrates a wide-complex tachycardia without identifiable P waves.
DOI 10.1016/j.jfms.2006.04.003

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