Evaluation of a free vascularized medial tibial bone ...



Title Evaluation of a free vascularized medial tibial bone graft in dogs
Author(s) T. N. Bebchuk, D. A. Degner, R. Walshaw, J. D. Brourman, S. P. Arnoczky, R. L. Stickle, C. W. Probst
Journal Veterinary Surgery: VS: The Official Journal of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Date 2000
Volume 29
Issue 2
Start page 128
End page 144
Abstract OBJECTIVE: To develop a free vascularized tibial bone graft based on the periosteal saphenous blood supply. STUDY DESIGN: Preliminary anatomic study of medial tibial blood supply. In vivo comparison of a vascularized and avascular tibial bone graft. ANIMALS: Nine canine cadavers; 14 healthy adult dogs that weighed 25 to 32 kg. METHODS: An anatomic study of the vascular supply of the medial aspect of the tibia was performed using the Spalteholz technique. A bone graft consisting of the medial aspect of the tibia was transferred to a mandibular defect as a vascularized graft in 7 dogs and as an avascular graft in 7 dogs. Bone scans were performed to evaluate graft perfusion. Radiographic evaluation of the mandibles and tibias was performed. The dogs were killed after 60 days, five mandibles from each group were examined histologically, and two from each group were evaluated using the Spalteholz technique. RESULTS: The saphenous vascular pedicle provides vascular perfusion to the medial tibial cortex. Bone scans and radiographic evaluations were consistent with viable bone in the vascularized grafts, and nonviable bone in the avascular grafts. Histological examination revealed live, healing bone in vascular grafts and necrotic bone in avascular grafts. Spalteholz evaluation revealed many small arborizing vessels in the vascular grafts and no organized vasculature in the avascular grafts. CONCLUSIONS: The vascularized medial tibial cortical bone graft survived and proceeded to bony union in the mandibular body defect more readily than the avascular graft in this experimental model. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: A vascularized medial tibial bone graft is a suitable free graft for use in reconstructing bone defects in dogs.

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