Specificity of PCR and in situ hybridization assays ...



Title Specificity of PCR and in situ hybridization assays designed for detection of Marteilia sydneyi and M. refringens
Author(s) S. N. Kleeman, F. Le Roux, F. C. J. Berthe, R. D. Adlard
Journal Parasitology
Date 2002
Volume 125
Issue Pt 2
Start page 131
End page 141
Abstract Primers and DNA probes designed for use in the specific detection of the paramyxean parasites Marteilia sydneyi and Marteilia refringens were tested for their potential to cross-react with closely related species in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and in situ hybridization. PCR primers and a DNA probe designed within the ITS1 rRNA of M. sydneyi were specific for M. sydneyi when compared with related species of Marteilia and Marteilioides. PCR primers designed within the 18S rRNA of M. refringens were specific in the detection of this species in PCR while a DNA probe (named Smart 2) designed on the same gene cross-reacted with M. sydneyi in tissue sections of Saccostrea glomerata as well as Marteilioides sp. infecting Striostrea mytiloides. Though not species specific, the Smart 2 probe provided a stronger signal in detection of all stages of M. sydneyi than the ITSI probe. The ITS probe is proposed for use as a confirmatory diagnostic tool for M. sydneyi.
PubMed ID 12211606
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