Analytical assessment of handling, fishing ...



Title Analytical assessment of handling, fishing practices, and transportation risk factors on lobster (Homarus americanus) health in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Author(s) J. Lavallee, Elizabeth Spangler, K. Larry Hammell, Ian R. Dohoo, Richard J. Cawthorn
Journal Journal of Shellfish Research
Date 2000
Volume 19
Issue 1
Start page 275
End page 281
Abstract The objective of this study was to identify risk factors for productivity losses in the Canadian lobster industry. Lobster handling and fishing practices onboard 64 fishing boats and transportation conditions on 49 vehicles subsequently transporting these lobsters from fishing wharves to processing plants were assessed during the spring and fall fishing seasons of 1997 on Prince Edward Island. These practices and conditions were then related to the health of the lobsters, estimated by the vigor status on arrival at the processing plants. A generalized estimating equation logistic regression model was used to assess the impact of handling, fishing, and transportation practices on lobster vigor. Significant risk factors for loss of vigor included the following boat-level factors: the use of mackerel for bait (odds ratio, OR, of 7.1; P = 0.003), tossing (as opposed to placing) lobsters from traps to temporary holding units on board the fishing boats (OR = 3.6, P = 0.048), and exposure to rain while on board fishing boats (OR = 3.6, P = 0.011), while greater maximal depths at which the traps were set had a protective effect on lobster vigor (OR = 0.85/m, P = 0.010).
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