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Title Description of Anophryoides haemophila n. sp. (Scuticociliatida Orchitophryidae), a pathogen of American lobsters Homarus americanus
Author(s) Richard J. Cawthorn, D. H. Lynn, B. Despres, R. Macmillan, R. Maloney, M. Loughlin, R. Bayer
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 1996
Volume 24
Issue 2
Start page 143
End page 148
Abstract The etiological agent of 'bumper car' disease in lobsters Homarus americanus is described as a new species of ciliate, Anophryoides haemophila (Scuticociliatida: Orchitophryidae). A. haemophila n. sp. is distinguished from other species in the genus by the curved rectangular oral polykinetid 2, a somatic kinety range of 16 to 18, and its relatively small size. The parasite is easy to maintain in vivo and in vitro for extended periods at 2 to 5 not equal to '. Apparently the ciliate can be a significant impediment to the economic viability of coldwater lobster impoundments in eastern North America. However, factors inducing epizootics of 'bumper car' disease are unknown.
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