Scattered radiation level during videofluoroscopy ...



Title Scattered radiation level during videofluoroscopy for swallowing study
Author(s) Catherine B. Chan, L. K. Chan, H. S. Lam
Journal Clinical Radiology
Date 2002
Volume 57
Issue 7
Start page 614
End page 616
Abstract AIM: To evaluate the scattered radiation exposure to the surroundings during videofluoroscopy for swallowing study (VFSS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Scattered radiation exposure was measured using an ion chamber survey meter for 17 adult patients undergoing videofluoroscopy for swallowing study. The cumulative dose area product of each case was also recorded. Data were presented as mean +/- standard deviation. RESULTS: The scattered radiation exposure at a distance of 150 cm from the patient and the dose area product recorded were 149 +/- 78 microR (range 42-308 microR) and 842 +/- 544 (range 258-2151, respectively, for a single study of 18 +/- 6 minutes. A formula was then derived for estimating the scattered radiation dose to muscle tissue at an arbitrary distance based on the accumulated dose area product. With this formula, the mean scattered radiation dose to naked muscle tissue of the surrounding people at a distance of 30-100 cm from the patient were estimated to be 33.68-3.03 microSv respectively. CONCLUSION: The scattered radiation detriment associated with videofluoroscopy for swallowing study was well within acceptable levels.
DOI 10.1053/crad.2001.0904
PubMed ID 12096861

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