Primary sequence and post-transcriptional ...



Title Primary sequence and post-transcriptional modification pattern of an unusual mitochondrial tRNA(Met) from Tetrahymena pyriformis
Author(s) M. N. Schnare, Spencer J. Greenwood, M. W. Gray
Journal FEBS Letters
Date 1995
Volume 362
Issue 1
Start page 24
End page 28
Abstract In a previous investigation of the rDNA region in Tetrahymena pyriformis mitochondrial DNA, we identified a putative tRNA(Met) gene [Heinonen et al. (1987) J. Biol. Chem. 262, 2879-2887]. On the basis of Northern hybridization analyses, we suggested that this gene is expressed, even though the resulting tRNA would be unusually small and have an atypical dihydrouridine stem-loop domain. We report here the complete nucleotide sequence and post-transcriptional modification pattern of this tRNA(Met), confirming its predicted primary structure and supporting the view that this structurally aberrant species functions in translation in T. pyriformis mitochondria.

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