Bacteriological studies on mussels and oysters from ...



Title Bacteriological studies on mussels and oysters from six river systems in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Author(s) H. Hariharan, J. S. Giles, S. B. Heaney, G. Arsenault, N. McNair, D. J. Rainnie
Journal Journal of Shellfish Research
Date 1995
Volume 14
Issue 2
Start page 527
End page 532
Abstract Eighty-five blue mussels and 46 eastern oysters were collected from shellfish growing areas of 6 river systems in Prince Edward Island, and examined for aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora. Animals were collected in different seasons during a 14-month period. Of a total of 907 isolates recovered, 76% were aerobes, and 24% were anaerobes. Isolation rates of 572 aerobes grouped by genera were compared, with respect to sites of sampling and seasons. Vibrio was the most frequently isolated genus from animals originating from all river systems, except mussels collected from Cardigan River, which had Staphylococcus as the predominant flora. Mussels collected during winter yielded a higher percentage of Staphylococcus spp., while animals collected during other seasons had Vibrio as the major genus. Among 51 Vibrio isolates speciated with the aid of commercial identification systems, the most common species were Vibrio (Listonella) anguillarum from oysters, and V. alginolyticus and V. splendidus from mussels. Vibrio parahaemolyticus was isolated from 5% of animals. The most common Staphylococcus species was S. capitis subspecies ureolyticus. Among anaerobes Clostridium perfringens was the major species among identified isolates.
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