Ultrastructural and secretory heterogeneity of fa/fa ...



Title Ultrastructural and secretory heterogeneity of fa/fa (Zucker) rat islets
Author(s) Catherine B. Chan, Glenda M. Wright, D. W. Wadowska, R. M. MacPhail, W. P. Ireland, Kenneth W. Sulston
Journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
Date 1998
Volume 136
Issue 2
Start page 119
End page 129
Abstract Many previous studies of obese rodents documented biochemical changes in pancreatic islets that contribute to hyperinsulinemia in vivo. Those studies used heterogeneous populations of islets, although the size of islets from obese rats ranges from 500 microm. Here, functional and morphological changes in size-sorted ( 250 microm diameter) islets from obese Zucker (fa/fa) rats were correlated. Ultrastructural examination revealed that > 250 microm cultured islets had an increased number of immature secretory granules in the beta cells. The number of degranulated beta cells in > 250 and 250 microm, 250 microm islets compared with small islets. Studies of individual beta cells by reverse hemolytic plaque assay revealed 3-fold more cells from > 250 microm islets were stimulated by 1.4 mmol.l(-1) glucose than cells from < 125 microm islets. We conclude that functional defects in mixed size populations of islets from fa/fa rats are mainly due to alterations in the large islets, whereas smaller islets have relatively normal function. Exposure to high glucose exacerbates morphological and functional differences of large islets, which could have important implications in the transition to noninsulin-dependent diabetes when beta cell insulin production is unable to compensate for hyperglycemia.

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