Reduced sensitivity of fa/fa Zucker rats to ...



Title Reduced sensitivity of fa/fa Zucker rats to adrenomedullin
Author(s) Catherine B. Chan, K. J. Johnson
Journal Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Date 1997
Volume 75
Issue 9
Start page 1138
End page 1141
Abstract Rat adrenomedullin is a peptide vasodepressor that may be of importance in the pathogenesis of hypertensive disease. Because of the known link between obesity and hypertension, we hypothesized that decreased responsiveness to adrenomedullin might be seen in an obese rodent model. In this study, the in vivo vasodilator actions of exogenous adrenomedullin were compared in anesthetized lean (n = 7) and obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats (n = 8). Adrenomedullin dose dependently lowered mean arterial pressure in both phenotypes, but the half-maximal dose (ID50) was 2-fold higher in fa/fa rats (1.7 +/- 0.22 vs. 0.83 +/- 0.06 nmol/kg). Moreover, the duration of effect was markedly reduced in the fa/fa rats, to 1-2 min from about 5 min in the lean animals. There was no evidence for an increased rate of degradation of adrenomedullin in the fa/fa rats. Although the rats used in this study were not hypertensive, adrenomedullin had reduced sensitivity and duration of action. The evidence suggests possible defects at the target receptor or altered metabolism of adrenomedullin in obesity.

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